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Eight Top Tips for Growing IT Service Revenue
with Automation

A handbook for IT service providers in India, looking to start a highly profitable and scalable Hyperautomation Service business.

A compilation of automation cases from real companies that will optimize your business processes and cost-savings.

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U.S Bureau of Labor statistics recorded 4.3 million people quitting their jobs in August 2021; this number went up in September by 4.4 million.

Demand for automation services is exploding in the U.S. due to this labor shortage, giving a competitive advantage to IT companies with automation in their portfolio. This opportunity has now expanded to include mid-size and small businesses, opening up a bigger market to be served.

Your IT service peers are monetizing this $60 billion opportunity by building a robust automation business that brings a monthly recurring revenue based on subscription. If you are also looking forward to growing your services footprint in Hyperautomation Service business, this ebook will prepare you with next steps.

Wondering what you will gain from this eBook? 

  • Why businesses need automation

  • Top automation use cases for your customers

  • Business benefits of automation for IT service providers and their customers

  • 8 top tips on starting your automation services business

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